Potential New Artist Tour Members

2022 Applications
Are Now Closed!

Please check back January 2023 to apply to next year's Tour.

If you are a local Edmonds artist or have strong ties to the arts community here in Edmonds, please consider applying to be on future tours. We are looking for artists with their own studios who love to share their creative process and work. We understand some artists may not have their own studios, but since this is a community, we figure out a way to share space within the current studios for other artists as well, so don't let that hold you back. 

The Edmonds Art Tour's focus is to bring the community to the studios of our local artists to give them an inside look into how the magic happens. It's a strong community builder and opportunity for artists to share their personal work. 

The Tour is held the 3rd weekend of September every year. Please consider participating on the committee too. It's a great way to make artist friend connections. Please email us if you would like to receive future Tour application notices. Thanks!


A local artist is defined as one who has a connection to the City of Edmonds. They either live in the community of Edmonds or an adjacent community or regularly show their art in the city of Edmonds and/or is an on-going active member/participant in the Edmonds art community. 

  • Artwork is original and high quality; the artist is considered a professional.

  • Studios must be located within the existing Tour Map footprint.

  • Artists applying as a guest artist are strongly encouraged to find a studio before the deadline.

  • Studios will include a “working” artist space.

  • Studios must have adequate accessibility and parking for guests, artists and neighbors. It is a safe environment with adequate display and walking space for artists and patrons.

  • Preference will be given to studios willing to host a registered guest artist. A maximum of three artists may be in any one studio. Unique circumstances for a fourth artist will be considered.

  • Preference will be given to “private” studios over studios that are open to the public throughout the year.

  • Returning artists must have fulfilled their contractual obligations in previous years.​