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Have you ever wondered how local artists create their work?


Wished you could peek into their private studios? Wanted to meet the creator of your most recent art purchase? Well, you’re in luck! The annual Edmonds Art Studio Tour takes place on the third weekend of September each year in beautiful Edmonds, Washington, USA. 
NOTE: Masks are required for this year's tour in accordance with the current state mandate.'
Sept 17 & 18, 10am–5pm
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We couldn't do this without the amazing sponsors who support our tour each year, such as the Joyful Art Fund. Please visit our Supporters Page and be sure to thank them for their support of the arts in Edmonds. Thank you!



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Info for Interested Artists

If you're an artist who lives in or has strong ties to the arts community of Edmonds, please consider applying to be on future tours.

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The weekend of September 19/20, 2020

we brought live and prerecorded events for our collectors to enjoy.

Click here to view some of the videos from last year's tour

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