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Tracy Felix

Graphite Studio #1

Oil, Acrylic, Encaustic

Artist Statement

Tracy (she/her) introduces a new series each year for the Studio Tour. 2023 will feature painted portraiture: the culmination of many years of pencil portraits translated into the expressive painted brushwork and vibrant color she is known for. Commissioned portraits in either pencil or oil are available as well. 

The artist still has a good selection of contemporary color field paintings and encaustic monotype prints, many will be marked with special pricing for the studio tour event.


Edmonds Connection

Tracy is a studio artist at Graphite and co-founder of Art Start Northwest, the non-profit located at Graphite. She has a history of forming partnerships to get things going in Edmonds, including: The Edmonds Studio Tour, Art Walk Edmonds founding member, Advisory Committee for the Edmonds Creative District. Other Edmonds based activities have been writing the "Art Town" Column in the Edmonds Beacon, instructor at Cole Art Studio and Edmonds Community College Arts Now program. 

Currently she is the director of the Gallery at Graphite, part-owner of ARTspot Artist Supply family business, and hosts Edmonds Sketchers the first Saturday of every month.

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